“Service design is the art of shaping experiences that have no form.”

I’m a Berlin-based Service and Experience Designer with a creative agency background in design operations. I conduct research, design workshops and solve problems. I facilitate teams to work together and build tested concepts that add user value. I bring my unique energy to every moment and have a talent to ignite my audience. I also run a creative writing group and enjoy public speaking with Toastmasters.

Service Design

e-Commerce: Customer Experience Mapping: Our Product Team was receiving multiple requests for shop changes, features and initiatives from around the business. We learned that different departments around the business had formed subjective opinions of our customer’s experience.

Healthcare: Heart Hub (Service Design): Heart Hub, A Community for Women to improve heart health. Research the problem of gender inequality in heart attack diagnosis in women. Design a scaleable service that educates women on better heart health in order to reduce heart disease.

FMCG: Service Design and Blueprinting: Design an end-to-end process based on research to overcome pain points and earn additional revenue.

UX Design

Money: Piggybank (UX): Design an app that helps to manage subscriptions and prove that my end-to-end UX methodology could produce impactful results within a 2-week sprint.

Healthcare: Talk2Me (UX): Design an app that helps parents and teenagers have conversations about tough topics.


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