PiggyBank – (UX Design).

♟️The Challenge: It’s hard to keep track of all the products and services that we have subscribed to every month. All we see is money deducting from our accounts, sometimes from services that we don’t need anymore.

🧠 The approach: Design a product that stops unwanted subscription fees within 10 days.

📱 The Output: A responsive web app that monitors subscriptions and avoids unnecessary fees. 

Competitor Analysis

Problem Statement

“My user needs a way to track the usefulness of a subscription, so that they can make a decision whether it’s value for money.”

Research Goals

  • Understand which products / apps are being used and by whom.
  • Learn how these apps are being used and which pain points exist.
  • Identify what’s missing from existing apps and highlight opportunities.


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  • Summary of the survey:
    • Average age 25
    • 10-15 subscriptions
    • 81% manage their subscriptions manually
    • 59% manage their subscriptions in their head
    • 85% “I cancel a subscription when I realise that I no longer need this.”
      • Which means there has to be a period where the subscription is no longer used, but is still being paid for
      • This raises the question, at what point is the subscription no longer useful?
      • And can this be pin-pointed?

User persona

User journey

Hypothesis statement

“Alex needs a way to track the usefulness of an app over time, so they know the right time to cancel based on insights. This will be confirmed when Alex saves money after cancelling a subscription recommended by the app.”

Task analysis

User testing

“On the first screen I’ve set a payment threshold of €40, but in relation to what?”

“The payment input field is so small I cannot see it properly.”

– User Tester

“I think the Frequency input field is confusing. I’m not sure if this is a single or regular reminder. I would also put this at the beginning.”


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