Talk2Me – (UX Design).

♟️ The Challenge: Parents face challenges when guiding teenagers on difficult topics like war, faith, sex, politics and alcohol/drug use. For many it isn’t clear what resources are available. 

🧠 The Approach: End-to-end UX design methodology

📱 The Output: A responsive web app that enables anyone to instantly chat with a certified Expert. 

User interviews

Research summary

User journey

Task analysis

Card sort > Site map

Key features (before Card sort):85% of participants split the cards into fewer categories:
• Home 
• Account
• Appointments
• Content
• Messages
• Expert
• Payments 
• Learn
• Home
• Learn
• Expert 
• Appointments
• Messages

User testing


“When I search for an Expert, I don’t know if this is for a parent or a teenager.”

“If I’m already registered, then I don’t need to see the Intro screens again.“

“I feel confused because there are so many filters to choose from.”

Design System

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