Workshops & Facilitation

One area in particular that Martin really shines is workshop facilitation and presentations. A number of others have said the same in his recommendations and it’s no surprise. I’ve worked with a few great facilitators/presenters in my career, but Martin gives a masterclass.

Edward Ford – UX Consultant

Martin is a great workshop facilitator, charismatic communicator, and team player. He is good at bringing people together in a harmonious and exciting way. 

Erika Lauro – Principal Strategic / Product Designer

A born communicator! Martin’s outstanding and confident moderating skills make each of our meetings not only productive but also natural and connected. 

Lilika Schulte-Ostermann – UX Designer

UX mentoring feedback

Martin, you have been an ex­cellent tutor. I hope that my next tutor will be someone who is as smart, experienced and responsible as you.

Career Foundry student

Thank you so much for all of your support, feedback, comments, advice, and insights over the last 5 months. All of it has kept me motivated and focused throughout. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I probably would not have made anywhere close to as much progress on this course without your dependable and timely input every step of the way. It’s been a blast!

Career Foundry student

This has been some journey and a wild ride. I can’t acknowledge enough how lucky I was having you as my tutor. Your critic, your review and answers have always been on the point, super informative and encouraging. You clearly knew how to offer help and guidance when the path was stony and to give perspective when it was tiring. And you never forgot about the joy within the journey, how amazing the path and the profession are. It was an awesome ride and I’m only half happy that it’s over. 

Career Foundry student

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