The Apartment – chapter five

Esme wakes up in her bed, her mother and father are in her bedroom. Her mother has her back to Esme, looking the apartment up and down and poking around with her fingers at Esme’s personal things. Esme looks at her dressing table that is now filled with coloured perfume bottles, a vase of flowers,Continue reading “The Apartment – chapter five”

The Apartment – chapter three

Esme walked back into her apartment, her eyes to the floor as she dragged her feet. She went out on to the balcony and looked out at city that she was eager to explore. Sally’s balcony was empty, the French windows shut, the curtains drawn and just a slither of light peeking through the top.Continue reading “The Apartment – chapter three”

The Apartment – chapter two

The next morning Esme woke up, stretched and immediately reached for her phone in order to text Chloe and arrange to handover a key. Esme slammed the phone back down onto the dresser top when she saw that there was still no signal. She prepared some tea and breakfast cereal. The sun was shining, andContinue reading “The Apartment – chapter two”

The Apartment – chapter one

“If you don’t let me move out, I’ll burn your fucking jewellery box.”  It had been the first time that Esme had sworn at her mother, and she’d gotten a slap around the cheek in return for it. Yet on the eve of realising her dream of living alone, all she could think about wasContinue reading “The Apartment – chapter one”