Workshops & Facilitation One area in particular that Martin really shines is workshop facilitation and presentations. A number of others have said the same in his recommendations and it’s no surprise. I’ve worked with a few great facilitators/presenters in my career, but Martin gives a masterclass. Edward Ford – UX Consultant Martin is a greatContinue reading “Testimonials”

Heart Hub, Women and Heart Attacks – (Service Design)

♟️ The Challenge: A heart attack has historically been perceived as a ‘male disease’, and has been understudied, under-diagnosed, and under-treated in women, leading to both the affected women and their male doctors mis-diagnosing a heart attack as symptoms of stress, anxiety or menopause related conditions. 🧠 The Approach: To design a digital service withContinue reading “Heart Hub, Women and Heart Attacks – (Service Design)”

PiggyBank – (UX Design)

♟️ The challenge: Stop unwanted subscription fees. It’s hard to keep track of all the products and services that we have subscribed to every month. All we see is money deducting from our accounts, sometimes from services that we don’t need anymore. The challenge is to design a product which helps manage these subscriptions. 🧠Continue reading “PiggyBank – (UX Design)”

Talk2Me – (UX Design)

♟️ The Challenge: Most of my friends have children and they often share stories of parenting challenges, answering difficult questions on war, faith, sex, politics and alcohol/drug use. For many it isn’t clear what resources are out there for both teenagers and parents to dip into should they wish to find answers to tough questions. Continue reading “Talk2Me – (UX Design)”

WordyCram – (UX Design)

♟️ The Challenge: People living in cities are struggling to commit to learn a new language and to manage their busy lives. 🧠 The Approach: End-to-end UX design methodology. 📱 The Output: A mobile app that empowers people to learn new vocabulary with short lessons that can be completed when communiting. The app monitors theirContinue reading “WordyCram – (UX Design)”

Mock-up Request Service – (Service Design)

♟️ The Challenge: Our client was experiencing a classic chicken and egg scenario. Their exciting new product would land in-store after six months of development. But they needed to see, touch and feel what their final product would look like right now, before production starts.  🧠 The Approach: A complete redesign of our end-to-end Mock-upContinue reading “Mock-up Request Service – (Service Design)”