Heart Hub, Women and Heart Attacks – (Service Design)

Our brief: Design a digital service with a focus on ‘Women and heart attacks’ The Challenge A heart attack has traditionally been considered a male disease, and has been understudied, under-diagnosed, and under-treated in women, who may attribute symptoms to stress or anxiety. The Approach As a team, our approach was to apply and practiseContinue reading “Heart Hub, Women and Heart Attacks – (Service Design)”

Talk2Me – (UX Design)

The Problem 6% of teenagers have experienced depression. 10% have anxiety. Nobody likes this kind of struggle. But with a user-centred design approach, we can make a difference. Problem statement: Most of my friends have children and they often share stories of parenting challenges. Answering difficult questions on war, faith, sex, politics and alcohol/drug use.Continue reading “Talk2Me – (UX Design)”

WordyCram – (UX Design)

Introduction My UX toolkit Competitor analysis It was valuable insight to realise how the design of these apps started through the research. By process mapping our system of the old fashioned card-based non-digital flashcards and the cognitive steps that happen when you learn from them. They connected the emotional steps that the brain goes throughContinue reading “WordyCram – (UX Design)”

Mock-up Request Service – (Service Design)

Design a research-based process to deliver pre-production samples of consumer goods to overseas clients The Problem Our client was experiencing a classic chicken and egg scenario. Their exciting new product would land in-store after six months of development. But they needed to see, touch and feel what their final product would look like right now,Continue reading “Mock-up Request Service – (Service Design)”